Welcome To Batlantic Studios

My name is Dylan Andrews. I am a comic-book artist, writer, designer, and independent publisher. I started reading comics when I was 5 years old, and I’ve always wanted to use my knowledge of art, design, and publishing to create my own comic books.

I started Batlantic Studios to tell my own stories. I have done eleven successful crowdfunding campaigns for my comic-book series:

• ARCHIVE: The WarHood Odyssey
• The Oppressors,
• CYST: The Skin Grafter
• Versus
• Cringe
• Engraved

I love the over the top chromium-age ’90s comics from my youth. I want to bring back the excitement and energy I felt for those comics, sharing that experience with a modern audience.

I’m available to take on projects, please reach out if you want me to create for you!

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