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Era wakes with his face covered and his vision blurred. He knows that someone is speaking to him, but no one is there. He spins wildly trying to find his balance, the humming in his brain at first like the dull buzz of a mosquito was now becoming clearer.

“You are a vessel, you don’t have any control over this situation. Stop fighting and give up.” Says the voice in his mind.

“Shut up!” Era yells at no one.

His vision clears as he feels himself stop spinning, he raises his head and tries to figure out where he is. He reaches to his face, his hand is covered with a hard plastic glove, his fingers don’t feel familiar, his hand looks like some sort of misshapen claw. He runs the knife fingers of his right hand over his face, which is covered by what appears to be a plastic mask, no not plastic, hardened cartilage.

“This process will be easier for you if you stop trying to resist, close your eyes and I’ll continue with the task. You’re only going to get us killed.” Says the buzzing voice in his mind.

“What the hell is going on, where are you! Show yourself!” Era yells from behind the mask.

The pounding headache is like a drill being shoved into his eyes, his vision is red. No, his vision isn’t red, Era realizes he is looking through red tinted lenses, the mask on his face must cover his eyes with a transparent film.

“Where the hell am I, what’s that terrible smell? I’ve gotta get out of here.” Era says.

Era turn and looks at his hardened claw hands. There’s a sticky liquid dripping from the fingers, it appears to be a dark molasses. He smells copper and realizes he’s covered in blood.

“Oh god, I must be hurt. Where’s all this blood coming from. I don’t feel any pain, this must be a dream.” Era checks his body as best he can with his hardened cartilage claw hands.

“If you insist on being involved. You should probably start moving toward that light in the distance” Says the voice in his mind.

Era looks around and the darkness starts to form into shapes. Everything red and disconnected starting to blur into objects that he can make out. There’s a light in the distance, and there’s a body laying next to him, sliding around in it’s own blood and organs. It’s moaning, and Era sees that it’s scared to death of him.

“Oh god, what have you done.” Era says to the voice.

“What have we done Era, what have we done.” Says the voice.